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What We Do

It our mission and goal to share the love and community with everyone we see, Our volunteers are trained, facilitated and are already naturally talented with God given gifts to be that second family to those in our community whom have been forgotten. Our members are the facilitators and creators of boundless lives.  Through our Administrators,Volunteers, Donors, and Benefactor. We will be the "first responders" to those social needs in life like Love, Laughter, and Legacy.  JOIN US TODAY, by locating a chapter near you, or Donating $10 a month. to keep our chapters running.

Chapter Establishment: "NAME" Initiative


Start In a county, partner with associations, partner with nursing homes, Appoint Initial Leadership


Host First Town hall meeting, sign up new volunteers and donors, Host first chapter meeting


Goal is to achieve 50 Volunteers and 250 Donors. and then Maintain those numbers to focus on the local mission.


The community at large will be engaged to become involved, through servant leadership training.

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