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McKinley Cardwell to his Nanny Peggy.

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Ever since I was young, I used to annoy the heck out of this lady. Now, I'm her favorite grandchild. Well, I have to split the title with my cousin Bridgett.

Nanny got new kicks LOL

She Believed In Me Past My Own Dreams

No one in my life has ever put so much belief in me then this woman. She is inspiring, courageous,and I always wanted to please her! From waking up in the grandchildren suite(guest bedroom) in Buckingham county, she would be in the kitchen. She would kiss Papa goodbye as he went to work. she would stay at the house and cater to us. I mean, as long as we didn't talk to much. Pancakes for Breakfast is my favorite memory, and as I sat around the breakfast table, through the Bay window the sun came up beneath the trees and low and behold a stack would be put before you. You could have as much syrup as you desired. She was proud of me and proud of all of us.

She made it a goal to attend our extra curricular events, she loved sports and rooted like it was life or death, even if she was in the TV Room and not at the game itself. She always had a special way with each of us and we may have not yearned for her attention, but we desperately wanted her love and support. Only when we deserved it, did we get it, and when we got it, it was abundant and overwhelming. She believed in us, and dared us to follow our dreams and do it right.

From Dreamer to Believer.

She is our family Matriarch, our beacon of hope, but I may not see her for much longer. Age is a terrible thing, but like any end to a book, novel, or lesson. There is something to learned. I ENCOURAGE YOU, to go out into world knowing the belief you wanted or you received and give it to somebody else, and do not fear. Always dare others to follow their dreams, and do it right.


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Bridgett Woods
Bridgett Woods
Nov 17, 2019

Great memories! The pancakes is one I think all of us grand and great grandchildren will remember. <3 And yes, we definitely share the title of favorite! ;)

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